We are very fortunate that when many of our friends from around the world come to visit Nepal they would also like the opportunity to volunteer at the monastery. While volunteer teachers and medical professionals are always very beneficial to the monastery, there are many areas that are equally as important and accumulate vast amounts of merit. And we will always try to offer volunteer jobs that will match your wishes. Please be assured that even a few hours or one, or a few days of help is so beneficial and appreciated by us. And you can see on the below list there are even ways to volunteer from where you live!

     1. One of the most blessed jobs is being a Gompa Caretaker. This involves the daily sweeping and dusting of our most sacred space.

    2. Laundry – With over 50 young monks there is always robe washing going on. Help in this area is always needed and greatly appreciated. It is also great purification practice and accumulates great merit.

    3. Housekeeping – As many of our monks are very young they need help in cleaning their rooms, and more importantly help learning how to keep a clean room.

    4. Monastery Maintenance – Whenever 60 or 70 people live in one space there is always something in need of repair. Any handyman skills will always be utilized.

    5. Landscaping – As the completion of the new Prayer Hall is getting closer, the next area of attention will be the surrounding grounds. This is a very creative opportunity for someone with those skills. The creation of these areas will be enjoyed by people for years to come and this merit will remain as long as the monastery exists.

    6. Teaching – As our mini monk population continues to grow, not only do we welcome anyone who like to teach English or Math, but also Tibetan, Nepali Grammar, and Art are areas where it is great to have extra classes. You do not need any professional experience, even just short term exposure to these areas on any level are beneficial to our young monks.

    7. Medical – wellness check ups, teaching our monks first aid and anything else that will add to the daily well being of our mini monks.

    8. Computer Graphics – we have a big need for someone who can either/or teach us or help us prepare printed material in an attractive way. Even this volunteer sheet we would like to make into a brochure, and are always creating material for special events and teachings, making study books for our monks. So this is one area someone with these skills can help from where ever they are.

    9. Organizing small fundraisers where you live, such as dinner party or picnic for friends, children’s book collections, etc.

These are just a few of the opportunities to volunteer. If you have a particular skill that you would like to offer it will certainly be appreciated. And if you have a specific area you would like to learn about during your time at the monastery we will do our best to help you. Please fill out the form below and we look forward to your visit to our monastery.