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Mani Retreat 2020

Mani Retreat 23rd-27th October 2020


A retreat where participants gather to recite the six-syllable heart mantra of Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan: Chenrézig) the Buddha of Compassion.

The purpose for the Mani Retreat at this time is to coincide with Dashain – the most celebrated Hindu festival in Nepal. This festival honours the goddess Durga by marking her victory over the demon Mahisasur.

It is observed for two weeks with various rituals and offerings performed each day. On the eighth and ninth days, thousands of animals (buffalo, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens) are sacrificed for different purposes therefore the Mani Retreat is most needed at this time.

The power of our collective positive energy and pure intention, will not only accumulate merit but also ripen our seeds of compassion, which we can dedicate to end the suffering of all sentient beings.

May our heartfelt prayers and chanting create the causes of wisdom and compassion in this world.

About the Mantra

Closing the doors to the six realms, this mantra frees sentient beings from suffering and to be reborn in a Buddha’s Pure Land.

OM closes the door to the suffering of being reborn in the gods’ realm. The suffering of the gods arises from their ability to foresee one’s fall from the gods’ realm. This suffering comes from pride.

MA closes the door to the suffering of being reborn in the warring gods (asuras) realm. The suffering of these asuras is constant fighting. This suffering comes from jealousy.

NI closes the door to the suffering of being reborn in the human realm. Humans suffer from birth, sickness, old age, and death. This suffering comes from desire.

PAD closes the door to the suffering of being reborn in the animal realm. The suffering of animals is stupidity, preying upon one another, being killed by men for meat, skin, etc. And being beasts of burden. This suffering comes from ignorance.

ME closes the door to the suffering of being reborn in the hungry ghosts’ realm. The suffering of hungry ghosts is hunger and thirst. This suffering comes from greed.

HUM (or HUNG) closes the door to the suffering of being reborn in the hell realm. The suffering of the hell is heat and cold. This suffering comes from anger or hatred.


The Mani mantra will be recited 100,000 times and upon completion of this retreat, through the practice as a group, each individual participant will accumulate the merit of 100 million Mani mantras.

We will perform the preliminaries on behalf of everyone on the evening of Friday 23rd. Lama Palden will offer some advice in English that will be shared on our Facebook page. There will be four sessions of chanting each day starting with the first morning session on Saturday 24th and ending with a morning session on Tuesday 27th.

Session 1: 6am – 8am
Session 2: 10am – 12pm
Session 3: 2pm – 4:30pm
Session 4: 6:30pm – 8pm

Chanting the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM will create great benefit for yourself in this life and future lives, as well as benefiting others. At this time of intense suffering and fear, we can pervade the world with this blessed mantra.


Sponsorship opportunities for 80 monks:
Tea: 2,500 NPR (21 USD / 19 EURO)
Bread: 2,500 NPR (21 USD / 19 EURO)
Lunch: 8,000 NPR (68 USD / 59 EURO)
Food for a day: 10,000 NPR (85 USD / 74 EURO)
Butter Lamps: any donation you wish
Monks Alms: any amount you wish

Thank you.

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We welcome all visitors and guests to come and learn more about this precious gem of a monastery.

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