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Prayers for the deceased – Jangwa Puja

We are pleased to inform that we will be conducting Jangwa Puja on 5th April 2023 for Qing Ming festival 清明节 or also known as Pure Brightness Festival, as requested by our sponsors.The Qing Ming festival 清明节 is a time to honour our ancestors, and conducting a Jangwa Puja is a special way to benefit the deceased. This Tibetan Buddhist tantric ritual can be performed for those who have recently passed or for those who have been gone for some time. The Jangwa Puja ( 药师佛超度法会) has many benefits, including purifying negative karma that causes suffering and lower rebirths, and helping the deceased achieve a good rebirth in a higher realm, even in a Pureland. It’s a beautiful way to honour and remember our loved ones who have passed on.

Benefit of this puja:-

Purifying their negative karma that causes great suffering and lower rebirths.

Helping them achieve a good rebirth in a higher realm, even in a Pureland.

Changing the rebirth of the recently departed from a lower realm to a higher one.

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