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Prayers Dedications

A puja is a prayer ceremony conducted by the monks of the monastery. There are daily pujas and monthly pujas. People can sponsor different types of pujas which can help overcome obstacles and also accumulate merit.

Every morning, the monks gather for their first daily puja at 5:30 am. During this puja, the monks recite a number of prayers and supplications. These prayers include: Six-Session Guru Yoga, Extensive Refuge Prayer, 16 Arhats Prayer, Guru Puja, and Hundreds of Deities of Tushita (Ganden Lhagyama) among others.

Segyu Gaden Phodrang has a very long tradition of pujas that are carried out every month according to a set schedule. Many of these special pujas have been conducted consistently ever since the founding of the original Segyu Gaden Phodrang Monastery in 1432.

The monthly practices conducted by the monks of Segyu Gaden Phodrang are as follows:

On the eighth of the month:
Tara four mandala offering puja.

On the ninth of the month:
Dharma Protector puja (Kangso offering) and Four Hundredfold offering ritual (Gya-shi).

On the tenth of the month, during the waxing moon:
Vajrayogini Tenth Day Offering puja (Tsechu).

On the fifteenth of the month:
Monastic Confession and Purification (Sojong) and Guru Puja with Tsok offering (Ganapuja).

On the nineteenth of the month:
Wrathful Dharmapala offering puja and chanting of the Heart Sutra for the removal of harmful forces (She-Nying Du-Dok).

On the twenty fifth of the month, during the waning moon: Vajrayogini Tenth Day Offering puja (Tsechu).

On the twenty ninth of the month: 
Puja offering to all of the Guardian Deities of the lineage (Dharmapalas Kangso).

On the thirtieth of the month:
Monastic Confession and Purification  (Sojong), as well as a puja of Palden Lhamo (Lhamo Kangso).

Upon the request of patrons, the Monastery conducts pujas or offering ceremonies in the Prayer Hall.

Prayer Dedication Form

Request prayers for yourself or someone in need. The name of this person will be included in the dedication during the morning puja or scheduled monthly puja of the monks on that same day (for one time only).

This is a free service offered by Segyu Gaden Phodrang Monastery.

We welcome all visitors and guests to come and learn more about this precious gem of a monastery.

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