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lama palden  

Khen Lama Palden began his spiritual journey amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Mustang, Nepal. Born in 1983, his roots in the Dharma were nurtured by the unwavering commitment of his devout parents. Starting at the age of 12, Khen Lama Palden embarked on the divine path, guided by his root guru, the revered HH Kyabje Dagom Dorje Chang.

Through years of dedicated training and donning various hats – from gompa keeper to secretary and treasurer – Khen Lama Palden’s journey led to full ordination in 2005. Recognizing his unwavering dedication and natural leadership within the monastic community, he ascended to the role of Abbot at Segyu Monastery.During his tenure, Khen Lama Palden orchestrated impactful changes, giving life to the Segyu National School in 2022. His visionary approach integrates secular academics with monastic studies, crafting a holistic educational platform for those carving paths beyond monasticism.

Also under his leadership, garnering the support of various private organisations, a cost-effective water treatment plant was built and a new prayer hall was completed in 2017. Khen Lama Palden extends heartfelt gratitude to the incredible support from organizations and individuals, including those from Brazil, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, the UK, the United States and other European countries.

As the heart and soul of Segyu Monastery, Khen Lama Palden is one who goes beyond the traditional role of an Abbot. He actively hosts annual pujas and teachings, fostering vibrant connections with the local community.He also serves as the vice president of a local retirement center, with a mission to better the lives both the young and old. His sights are set on teaming up with private insurance companies to provide top-notch medical facilities for the elderly and the little ones within our monastery.

Khen Lama Palden envisions Segyu Monastery not just as a spiritual haven but as a steadfast guardian, upholding the three principal pratimoksha precepts and safeguarding the authentic Segyu lineage. United in purpose, he’s all about bringing practitioners together, cultivating an open-minded community that’s all about preserving pure teachings and guiding others toward that elusive dream – world peace.

In essence, Khen Lama Palden, our visionary Abbot, isn’t just about the teachings – he is a revered spiritual guide and community leader. His compassionate and wise leadership, fueled by global support from organizations and individuals, embody the very essence of Dharma principles.

We welcome all visitors and guests to come and learn more about this precious gem of a monastery.

Segyu Gaden Phodrang Monastery

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