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Let’s Celebrate Heruka Chakrasambara Day

20th January 2024

Segyu Gaden Phodrang will conduct extensive Tsog offerings to commemorate this special day, which is the 10th day of the 12th month, which is Heruka Chakrasamabara Day. – 20th January 2024


The Sanskrit term “Heruka” is composed of the three syllables “He,” “Ru,” and “Ka.”‘  He’ teaches the emptiness of phenomena in general, and ‘ru’ the emptiness of persons in particular; together they reveal the emptiness of all phenomena. “Ka” refers to the union of Heruka’s mind of great bliss and the emptiness of all phenomena. This union is Heruka’s Truth Body. An I, or self, imputed to this Truth Body is definitive Heruka, the real nature of Buddha Heruka. This can only be seen by Buddhas.

Another term for Heruka is “Chakrasambara.” “Chakra” means “wheel,” and in this context refers to the “wheel” of all phenomena. “Sambara” means the supreme bliss, which is called “spontaneous great bliss.” Together ‘Chakra’ and ‘sam- bara’ reveal that by practising Heruka Tantra we gain a profound realization that experiences all phenomena as one nature with our mind of great bliss. This realization directly removes subtle dualistic appearances from our mind, and due to this, we quickly become definitive Heruka.

The essence mantra of Heruka is OM SHRI VAJRA HE HE RU RU KAM HUM HUM PHAT DAKINI DZALA SHAMBARAM SÖHA. It’s called the “essence mantra” because its main function is to accomplish definitive Heruka, the very essence of Heruka Tantra practice. To start with, we accomplish an imagined definitive heruka, and on this basis, through continual practice, we eventually attain the meaning of clear light and the nature of the definitive heruka of the path. Finally, we accomplish the resultant, definitive Heruka – text from Essence of Vajrayana by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Specially Phabongkha Dechan Nyingpo has got promised by Heruka that his followers will be blessed by him (Heruka) so that means our lineage has special relations (followers of Phabongkha and Trijang Rinpoche)

Tsog Offering is a beautiful and meaningful practice where we come together to make offerings of food and drink, expressing our gratitude and devotion to the enlightened beings. It is a time of joy, connection, and spiritual nourishment.

 Let’s create a powerful collective energy as we engage in this sacred ritual, deepening our spiritual bonds and cultivating positive energy for ourselves and the world.


We welcome all visitors and guests to come and learn more about this precious gem of a monastery.

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