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Special Puja Request

Request for a Special Puja

Every day the monks perform prayers and pujas for the well-being of all sentient beings, for sick and dying people, for those who have passed away, and for those who experience problems in their lives.

Pujas can be performed for various purposes:

For the dying:
to help pacify their mind, and decrease fear during the time of death.

For the deceased:
to bless and guide their mind to a higher state of rebirth and liberation.

For sickness:
to remove obstacles to mental and physical health.

For success in one’s activities:
removing obstacles to success of one’s activities, be they worldly or dharma.

You can request for a special puja performed for yourself, your loved ones and friends, for the success of your business, to accumulate merit, to remove obstacles to health or to assist a person who is sick or dying.

If you would like a special puja performed please contact us or leave a message in payment comment box with the details such as name of the person, the birth date and sign and the problem or situation.

The special request puja will be performed based on sponsor request.

You may also check with our Lama for divination as to which is the most beneficial puja for your situation, and communicate to you the cost of the offering. If the matter is urgent the puja will be performed immediately. Please send us a message through our email.


Puja costs are determined by the number of monks and type of the pujas, the extent of offerings required, token monetary offerings for the monks, and to cover the running costs of the monastery/temple.


Performed by 1 or 2 monks with required puja offerings.


Performed by 4 monks with additional puja offerings and whole day is required

Below are the lists for puja offering

Four Tara Mandala

The Four Mandala Offerings to Tara is a ritual to celebrate the meditational deity Tara. On the 8th day of the month of the lunar calendar, we make offerings to Tara and request that she come to our swift aid to remove obstacles from our lives and to protect us from fear. Traditionally, four mandalas are given, which symbolize offering the entire universe to the meditational deity.

Short Puja offering  $75
Long Puja offering$150

Medicine Buddha Puja

Endowed with supreme healing energies, the Medicine Buddha Puja promotes healing on the body, mind and spirit, bringing swift recovery, granting protection from illnesses and disease, and bestowing strength and clarity of the mind.

It is especially beneficial for people in the healing profession and for those seeking doctors, treatment, diagnosis, healing and effective medicine.

Short Puja offering $75
Long Puja offering $150

Kalarupa Drukchuma offering

A Protector puja

During the Drukchuma puja torma offerings are made to Yamanataka and Kalarupa to clear away heavy obstacles while making heartfelt request to Yamantaka and Kalarupa.

Puja offering $20

Tara Removing obstacles (Drolma Yuldog)

This is a very powerful puja for dispelling obstacles and spirit interferences. The thread crosses are made to distract and deceive the spirits by attracting them to the colorful beauty of these objects, thereby releasing the persons or environments from their interferences. We always pray for all living beings throughout all directions of our suffering world. At the conclusion of the puja the structure is removed and brought to a remote, isolated area or a body of water.

Puja offering $150

Prajnaparamita removing obstacles, (Shernying duedog)

A Protector Puja

The lineage of this puja derives from Buddha to Chenrezig to Lodoe RinchenSerlingpa, Atisha, Dromtonpa and many more Kadampa Lamas. The puja is done with the recitation of the Heart Sutra, contemplating on its meaning. This particular puja is effective to overcome all sorts of harm by human and non human beings. Since they all occur due to our superstitious thoughts, meditation on emptiness is best antidote to overcome such thoughts. It is used to remove internal and external interferences due to spirit harm.

short offering puja $75

Long offering puja $150

Jangwa (Puja for the deceased) 药师佛超度法会

Jangwa is a special Tibetan Buddhist tantric ritual to benefit the deceased. It can be done for the recently departed or for those who have passed on a long time ago. The Jangwa Puja helps the deceased by:

Purifying their negative karma that causes great suffering and lower rebirths.

Helping them achieve a good rebirth in a higher realm, even in a Pureland.

Changing the rebirth of the recently departed from a lower realm to a higher one.

Puja offering from $35 to $350

The 100 offering Torma or Ullambana Puja (Torma Gyatsa)

During Ullambana, offering Sanghas from the ten directions with various kind food and offerings, it can save one’s parents of the current life and past seven lives, and relatives from the suffering of the three evil paths.

At Ullambana, we perform the 100 Torma Offering Ritual [Tibetan: torma gyatsa], a practice that entails giving generously to all beings while developing our compassion towards sentient beings who suffer as a result of karma and delusions. This puja is done daily in Tibetan practice but in some other practices this practice is done during the ghost festival.

Puja Offering $15

Naga Puja offering

Nagas are powerful beings with the ability to control the weather, increase fertility, and bring good fortune, wealth and positivity. However, they are sensitive and when offended, they can inflict diseases, create obstacles and natural disasters. In particular, many cancers, skin-related conditions and family problems arise due to us knowingly or unknowingly offending a naga. Hence it is wise to participate in naga pujas whenever the opportunity arises to please and appease the nagas.

Puja Offering from $35 to $100

Sur Offering

In particular or special, Sur offerings nourish those within the bardo, the intermediate state after death, these beings are experience hungry and thirsty, but they are nourished only by their sense of smell. (This practice is commonly performed for 49 days after someone’s death, with emphasis on dedicating the merit of this virtuous activity for the assistance of the deceased.) but many people does Sur practice as daily practice to repay karmic creditor, this is also a good practice as there are people dying everyday.

Sur offerings may also be done to dispel negative or harmful influences, such as spirits.

Puja offering :
$3 to $25 depending on the sponsor request

Serkyem offering Prayers to Dorje Shugden

The serkyem offering is one of the most iconic prayers to the Dharma Protectors. In essence it is a very powerful extended offering to the Dharma Protector requesting swift assistance. As with any offering serkyem generates great merits, clears the way for what we need to accomplish and invites the necessary resources and conditions.

Puja offfering $15

House Blessing or Country Blessing

There are many reasons why need to clear our spaces of negativity and invite prosperous energies into our lives. Pujas are one such extremely powerful method. In life we have many ups and downs and due to these our spaces, environments, homes, offices and premises are full of different types of energies, like a recording machine. So, it is good for us to engage in actions that clear these spaces of any unwanted energies. House blessings are a perfect example of such actions which clear out these unwanted energies.

Puja Offering $35

Gyabshi Puja

Gyabshi literary means four sets of hundred offering. It is consisting offering of 100 tormas, 100 replicas of a human figure, 100 lights and 100 images of holy objects. When sentient beings are harmed by the four evil forces, Buddha hooked them on the tip of his fingers and made them take pledge not to harm sentient beings and in return promised to make offerings to them. By making these offering and reading out the prayers of truth of the Buddha, it reminds the negative forces of the pledge they made in Buddha’s presence, to help sentient beings to overcome or decrease obstacle etc.

Puja Offering $55

Wealth increasing puja 35$

Invoke the rich energies of the Buddha of Wealth, Dzambala, White Mahakala, Ratna Shugden or Wealth Tara in seen and unseen riches such as good health, peace, happiness and harmony. This puja also helps in overcoming financial difficulties and bringing about a new lease of life. Highly recommended as an auspicious start for new business ventures and to boost the success of existing businesses.

Puja Offering :
$35 to $100 depending on the types of wealth puja and sponsor request.

Ushnishavijaya puja

Ushnishavijaya, also known as Namgyalma in Tibetan, is one of three supreme Buddhas of longevity. Once Buddha Shakyamuni manifested in her form to help a deva named Susthita avoid a rebirth in the three lower realms. The puja, Namgyal Tsechog, is recommended to those who face life threatening situations as it is effective for overturning such situations through the purification of accumulated negativity. It helps to extent one’s life span, recover from serious disease, and avoiding premature death through accidents or disasters.

Puja Offering $45

Monlam Namgyel - Eight Auspicious Prayers

The 8 Auspicious Prayers are a collection of aspirational prayers. It contains the King of Prayers, the Prayer to Maitreya Buddha, Prayer for Rebirth in a Pure Land and others. It is usually recited for the deceased, to ease their passage through the bardo and to achieve a good rebirth. It is often recommended to be recited once a week during the 49 day period.

Puja Offering $110

Chasum Puja

A Protector Puja

This short practice consists of making three sets offering of to the harm givers and requesting them not to harm us, but and instead to help. This puja can be helpful if someone suddenly experiences suddenly harms, or suffers unbearable pain. It is very beneficial to do before   major surgery etc.

Puja Offering $15

Prajanaparamitra sutra (Gyatongpa) or collective mantra and prayers (Zungdue Gyetongpa)

The Prajnaparamita text contains the Wisdom Teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, else in the extensive form, middle length or short version. The recitation of any of these texts brings great merit and as such it helps to overcome big obstacles for health or wealth, and especially if one has life obstacles.

Reading Sutra $35 to $50

Puja Offering $145

Parnashavari Puja

Parnashavari (Sanskrit), Lomagyuma in Tibetan, is the mountain hermitess who dispels ignorance and protects from disease (in particular those of a contagious nature).

She is also identified as the twentieth of the twenty-one Taras, who is specialised in the prevention and cure of sickness thanks to her knowledge regarding the natural healing powers of herbs. request.

She wears a skirt of forest leaves and in one hand she holds the stem of a medicinal plant; she is both peaceful and wrathful at the same time.

Parnashavari belongs to the Karma Action Family of Buddha Amoghasiddhi, emphasising the swift performance of the enlightened activities of the buddhas.

Puja Offering from $35 to $350 depending on the sponsor

The Grand Thousand Offerings of Tsuktor Namgyalma

The Victorious One of the Crown Protuberance, known as “Tsuktor Nampar Gyalma” or in short “Tsugtor Namgyalma” in Tibetan or “Ushnisha Vijaya” in Sanskrit, is a Deity of Longevity and Purification. Ushnisha Vijaya is often accompanied by two other deities, Buddha Amitayus and White Tara. Together they are known as the Three Long-life Deities.

Namgyalma practice is especially effective and powerful in removing obstacles and cleanses negative karmas that hindered good health and long life; pacifying negativities, purifying evil deeds and obscuration, as well as fulfilling good wishes. According to scriptures, Her mantra has infinite benefits and blessings. It is said to be so powerful that anybody who hears it will never again be reborn in the


It helps to purify all your sins and their imprints.

It helps to pacify all your obstacles of the present and future.

It helps to grow and increase your life span, fortune, wisdom and all your other good qualities.

After life, you will be reborn in the Pure Land of Bliss.

It assists you to swiftly attain the great enlightenment.

To those who merely think of her, may the Glorious Namgyalma fully bestow upon them the siddhis of a perfect life and victory over the hostile Mara of the Lord of Death. May the auspiciousness of this puja prevail in the three worlds and benefit limitless mother beings.  lower realms.

During the puja, one thousand sets of Torma, Lamp, Incense, Parasol, Victory Banner, etc., will be meticulously prepared and respectfully offered along with the respective tantric rituals, for the accumulation of merit, purification, longevity and accomplishment.

Puja Offering $355 to $500

Four Activities Fire Puja

Amongst all pujas, the fire puja is considered the king of all Pujas. It is the most powerful of all pujas within Tibetan Buddhism and its purpose is basically to remove all obstacles and its stains, known as drima in Tibetan, to enlightenment. It is for purifying ordinary appearances, ordinary unwholesome actions and especially for repairing broken pledges, promises and vows.

To attain the power and activities of ‘pacification‘; to pacify all obstacles of our minds and bodies and to subdue all evil deeds and negative karma.

To attain the power and activities of ‘increasing’ to increase one’s merit, wisdom, life span as well as our wealth and prosperity.

To attain the power and activities of ‘magnetizing’, to attract the essence and substances of power, longevity, fame and harmonious relationship.

To attain the power and activities if ‘subjugation’, to destroy all misdeeds, evil karma and demonic forces and obstructions.

Puja Offering from $105 to $205 for each fire puja

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