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Saka Dawa Prayer 2024

Saka Dawa Duchhen meaning(Dawa means “month” in Tibetan and the term Saka, comes from Tibetan astrology, and the Saka star which is associated with the full moon of the fourth lunar month) is the most sacred of Tibetan Buddhist holidays, We celebrate the Buddha birth in Lumbini, Nepal (actually entry into mother’s womb), enlightenment at Bodh […]

Rains Retreat (Vassa)

rains retreat

rain retreat 2023 The Historical Evolution of Rain Retreat (Vassavasa) “In the season of rain, when the rains are falling, many beings come into existence, and many seeds sprout. Realizing this, one should not travel from village to village, but should remain in one place during the rainy season.” — Acaranga Sutra, Jaina Sutras This […]

Prayers for the deceased – Jangwa Puja

We are honoured to announce that we have the privilege of organizing the Jangwa Puja on the 5th of April 2023 in observance of the Qing Ming festival, also known as the Pure Brightness Festival, as per the request of our generous sponsors. The Qing Ming festival holds deep cultural significance as a time to […]

Dharma Teaching Anouncement

Good news to share with all ordained and lay practitioners with unwavering faith striving for liberation. Due to prior sincere requests for Lam Rim teachings, empowerments for deities such as Chakrasamvara, Guhyasamaja, and Yamanataka, as well as blessing empowerments for various Dharma protectors from the abbot and monks of Segyu Ganden Phodrang Monastery, Kyabje Daknak Dorje Chang, Jetsun Lobsang […]

Vajrayogini Day

Vajrayogini’s yearly special tsog day will occur on the 25th day of the 11th lunar Tibetan month. The entire 11th month is Vajrayogini Month, during which all Vajrayogini practises are extremely auspicious and beneficial. This year in 2023, Vajrayogini month extends from December 24, 2022, to January 21, 2023, and her special annual day falls […]

Lama Tsongkapa Day

Lama Tsongkhapa the renowned spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, is celebrated annually on the occasion of his pairinirvana. This special day is known as Lama Tsongkhapa Day or Ganden Ngamchoe, and is observed on the 25th day of the tenth month according to the Tibetan calendar. While making modest gifts is a traditional practice on […]

Announcement of Dharma Teachings by Kyabje Daknak Dorje Chang

Due to the humble requests of the generous benefactors of the Teachings, the family of Ama Dolkar la: The Treasure Holder of the instructions of the Gaden Oral tradition, whose kindness to us is greater than all of the Buddhas of the three times, the great master His Holiness Daknak Dorje Chang, will return to […]

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